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Penn-Plax Aquarium Decor Aquaflora Tree Base

Penn-Plax Aquarium Decor Aquaflora Tree Base

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Aqua-Floras by Penn-Plax: Beautiful Resin Decor that Sprouts Live Plants. Tree base design

Why We Love It

  • Unlike any other Aquatic decor on the market. Aqua-scaping has now been simplified. Patent pending
  • Once submerged the plants will activate and the growing process starts immediately. Aqua-Floras will grow in the most water conditions but will flourish in warm filtered water under a plant growth LED Light.
  • The plant will start to sprout within a week and there's no upkeep.

About Penn-Plax

Penn Plax is a manufacturer of top aquatic supplies and decor. We specialize in creating excellent pet products for animals both great and small.